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It has been more than half a century between the first painting (1959) and the last one . These paintings were created first in France then in the United States, Madagascar and again in France.

Now, free from all professional duties, I can at last devote my time to my creativity.  Artistic? The answer must come from others. To create  is to  express something. But what ?Despair !Beauty ! Mean aspects  of the Human Being ! And furthermore, solitude ! Only a finished painting can  end this solitude but when is it going to be over? Only forgetfulness can decide.

First painting…

(« A mother and her daughter)”: A mother and her daughter are walking away, hand in hand, back to the “nowhere” they are coming from. The composition of the painting is very simple but not devoid of poetry or at least of a certain amount of melancholy.

                                       ... Then…

Dark colors treat the theme of a painful childhood. Symptomatic colors of a rebellious youth profoundly shocked by their environment. There is not one truth but several ones and thus, as soon as a horizontal stroke of the brush

attacks the blank canvas, a vertical stroke of the brush comes to counterbalance this pretentious first truth and send it back to its initial place.

                      …And then getting older…

It seemed that it was indecent to impose despair which should be introduced somewhat attenuated. (“The Frivolous Despair”).

The hat covered with vegetables and fruit has a double aim: to create a diversion and by contrast to emphasize the sadness of the face.  Thus, the soul is free to move back and forth between these two feelings. Despair is then easier to bear.

We saw a magnificent Caillebotte exhibit and back home, my wife asked me for a copy of “The Man at the Window”. This man showing his back and watching Paris from his window gives the impression that he is leaving the place towards an unknown destination… Upon my arrival in Antananarivo, I did as I was asked.

                                 …And let us skip some periods…

To reach what I consider the present trend.  Several words, expressions can

define it. According to me:

 Derision:  one comes from nowhere, one goes nowhere and in the meantime, one is living. It is in fact a negation of time and space. Internet has taken its tool with somewhat less mystery and poetry – I hope -.Victories are only temporary.

                                                               …  What about poetry ?...

It is not absent.  Clouds are inside the “Jogclouders” heads and in “The Clouds Take Advantage”.

The man with its window opening in the back of our traveler’s final destination (Montbron) is a mix of imagination, reality (view of Paris) and the negation of time and space.


Important in « It’s Still What They Won’t Get”. Indeed, our man prefers swallowing the 20 Euro note that he sees around rather than leaving it to someone else. Very realistic.           

                                   …At last silence:

At last, against all these audiovisual and cultural aggressions, the redeeming silence. These red eyes appearing on several paintings are bloody stares oriented towards the inner self. Looks that do not want to see but try to express the honest man’s despair. Looks burnt by money, increasing speed and the darkening of the future./.

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